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Website Ownership
Website 101

Website Ownership: Why you need to retain access

Our contracts explicitly say that any work we create for our clients, once paid for, is completely owned by our clients. This is just how business should be done—if the work is paid for, we no longer own it, our clients do. This applies to all creative work as well as websites, even if they

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Can customers find your business online
Business Success

3 steps to ensure your business is ready for seasonal customers

Growing up in the Brainerd Lakes area I know exactly what to expect when visiting a local business. I can expect longer lines, additional traffic & more overall people during the months of May through September, and sometimes a bit earlier or later depending on the weather. This is an area of true beauty and

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Computer Keyboard
Website 101

Domain Names & Website Hosting

We constantly get questions about what domain names are & what website hosting is and why we choose the hosting providers that we do. Our team members have been in the industry for over 12 years and have seen domains and website hosting evolve and change over time. So let’s talk about what all these things mean and why making the right choices is so important.

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