Website Proposal Tool

Use this handy tool to get a rough estimate of your total website project investment costs. If you click submit on this form, our team will follow up to schedule a consult where we can learn more about you and provide an accurate project investment total based on your needs. Please keep in mind that actual proposals, created after an initial free consult, are usually less than the tool provides because we are often able to combine features or tools.

  • We have over 100+ pre-configured themes that allow us to save time but still be able to swap colors, logos, other branding elements and imagery to match your companies branding. We also have a design team that can create a completely customized design like no others.
  • Think of the content that you would want on your website. You will need a homepage (1), you may need a blog (1), you may also need two different interior content page layouts, for example a services page vs our team page (2). Content can share the same layout, but think about have many different layouts/templated pages you may need to cover all of your content.
  • If you are willing, this is an area you can save money and enter content yourself. Otherwise, our team will take your content and lay out the pages for you and ensure they are SEO-friendly, accessible and follow branding & design.
  • Think about the way that you want your users to reach out to you. Will you have a lead capture form for a sale or service? How about a simple contact us form to email you? Will you have an email newsletter that people need to subscribe to?
  • All websites we create have a basic search functionality to find basic website content. This feature would allow you to be able to search in greater detail within specific content but also allow users to be able to use your site search to find results in uploaded assets, like PDF's. If your website has a lot of downloadable assets and content, we would strongly recommend this.
  • If you utilize 3rd party tools to accomplish some of your work, this may apply to you, if you would like that functionality on your website. For example, a hair salon may use an appointment booking service and want to make this available on their website as well. *Investment drastically varies based on the external tool, however, the starting setup fee is $500 and it will go up from based on complexity. If your tool says that it integrates with WordPress, you may not have to pay a setup fee.
  • For example, if you offer sewer maintenance you may want a way for your customers to book an appointment and pay for their service either before or after.
  • If you are a church or organization with members, this is a great opportunity to keep bringing your members back to your website. You may also want to give your customers the ability to get to know each other.
  • A directory is a tool that allows you to enter a lot of data and sort the data as you are looking for it. A great example of this would be a Chamber who may want to list a directory of their business members. You may also want something like this for support documents, knowledgebase or list of vendors.
  • Do you want to sell online courses? Does your employees or users need to go through a training process? Do you need to teach anyone anything?
  • Does your organization host a lot of events? Do you need a calendar view or list view of events? Do you charge for your events?
  • This feature would include helping you find a tool to manage your email newsletters as well as the sign-up for on your website for users to opt-in. This would allow you to send emails to your customers on a regular basis.
  • This is a great feature if you are a restaurant that offers take-out or delivery services.
  • Are you handling a lot of customer requests at one time? Do you want to offer a ticket system or a live chat feature? This is a great option for organizations seeking to optimize and scale their support structure.
  • All website packages, besides our basic homepage-only package, include two one-hour long remote video training sessions. If you would prefer that our team come to your offices or deliver longer, more detailed trainings, these options are for you.
  • Please keep in mind that this tool is a rough estimate, actual proposals are usually slightly less.